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Focus On Community – Coming Out

Last November, Pat McLear and Tom Cosgrove presented an evening of stories: Coming Out – Stories of Action & Reaction. It was a powerful evening, … more

Mudrooms – On The Road – Airs 3/24/14

February’s show:

Mark Stopha, Christy Ciambor, Sara Hannan, Travis Smith, Eric Caldwell, Pamela Garcia & Tom Cosgrove

Music by Dan Olsen.… more

Focus on Community – The Juneau ReEntry Coalition

Focus on Community – The Juneau ReEntry Coalition

Tonight at 7 on KTOO:  The Juneau ReEntry Coalition (JREC) will present a conversation by people who have experienced incarceration within Alaska’s correctional system discussing … more

Focus On Community – Mudrooms

Tune in to KTOO 104.3 FM this evening at 7 pm to hear January’s Mudrooms event. The evening’s theme was “Grace” and storytellers included: Erin … more

Focus On Community – Mind Over Matter 2/3/14

Are you getting older?  Of course you are!  But we mean, really older. Be sure to tune in to KTOO this coming Monday night … more

Focus on Community – Peace Talk 1/20/14

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/PEACE-TALK-1-20-14.mp3Peace Talk

Hosted by Rich Moniac… more

Focus on Community – Mind Over Matter 1/14/14

Focus on Community – Mind Over Matter 1/14/14Be sure to tune in this coming Monday night on KTOO at 7pm to hear Mind Over Matter with Dr. Elaine Schroeder.

Mudrooms 2/10/14

The theme for the evening is Grace. This will be the last event that sponsors Discovery Southeast. Beginning in February we will be donating our … more

Focus on Community – 12/2/13

Focus on Community – 12/2/13

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/MindOverMatter-12-2-13.mp3This coming Monday at 7 on KTOO Dr. Elaine Schroeder will be back with her live show, Mind Over Matter . This week’s program … more

Focus on Community – Peace Talk 11/18/13

Tonight’s guest: Elliot Adams (former VFP National Chairman) is now on a tour of the West Coast speaking about the imperative of closing Guantanamo … more