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Focus On Community – Mind Over Matter – 9/1/14

Be sure to tune in to Mind Over Matter this coming Monday at 7pm on KTOO when Dr. Elaine Schroeder will interview prominent Asian scholar more

Focus on Community – Peace Talk – 8/18/14

Fifty years ago this month Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which gave President Lyndon Johnson the green light to enlarge the war in more

Focus On Community – Mind Over Matter

Dr. Elaine Schroeder is back with her live show,  Mind Over Matter . The issue of gay marriage is prominent in today’s news.  This week’s more

CBJ Meeting – 7/21/14

The regular meeting of the CBJ Assembly.… more

Focus on Community – Peace Talk – 7/14/14

Will the current sectarian violence in Iraq lead to a disintegration of its borders?   From the 1916 agreement between Britain and France that established the … more

One Lutheran, One Jew, One Hour – 7/7/14

Focus on Community is a local, volunteer hosted discussion/call-in/forum that that looks at a variety of subjects and topics including peace issues, religion, and regional … more

Mudrooms – May Event – 6/23/14

Stories from the May event!… more

Peace Talk – 6/16/14

Tonight at 7, on Peace Talk, Phil Smith talks with playwright Dave Hunsaker about his new play.


Focus on Community – Mind Over Matter – 6/2/14

This coming Monday at 7 on KTOO  Dr. Elaine Schroeder will be back with her live show,  Mind Over Matter . This week’s program will more

Focus On Community – Mudrooms

Recorded live on April 2, the theme is Deception. Storytellers are: Alex Kotlarsz, Stu Siddons, Corina Torgeson, Katy Giorgio, Amy Dressel and Mike Beausoleil.

Music … more