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Petition sent to Walker asking for predator control reform

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A petition signed by 150 Alaskans sent to Gov. Bill Walker, asks for changes to state predator control programs. The letter sent Monday asked the governor to replace lethal predator control methods with non-lethal techniques, to terminate use of radio collars to locate and kill wolves, and to prohibit intensive management programs within 5 miles of federal conservation lands, like national parks. According to petitioner, wildlife advocate and biologist Rick Steiner of Anchorage, signers hail from 28 Alaska communities and include former Alaska Board of Game members, and a former Fish & Game Commissioner.
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Three incumbents lost their seats according Tuesday election returns, including Democratic incumbent Bob Herron in the Yukon-Kuskokwim region's House District 38, and two more failed to move from the House to the Senate. (Photo by KTOO)

Three incumbents to lose seats in Alaska election aftermath

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With the vast majority of precincts statewide now counted, a clear picture emerged in last night's returns -- and the short version is, a lot of incumbents lost their jobs tonight. The state's Republican makeup saw a re-arrangment: three incumbents lost their seats, while two more failed to move from the house into the senate.
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