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On the scene with the Crystal Serenity

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The cruise ship Crystal Serenity cast off from Seward Tuesday for a first-of-it’s kind trip through the Arctic’s Northwest Passage to New York City. It’s the first luxury liner to attempt the route — and the largest passenger ship by far. Many people are wondering if it’s a sign of what’s to come, as the Arctic sees increasingly ice-free summers.
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Three incumbents lost their seats according Tuesday election returns, including Democratic incumbent Bob Herron in the Yukon-Kuskokwim region's House District 38, and two more failed to move from the House to the Senate. (Photo by KTOO)

Three incumbents to lose seats in Alaska election aftermath

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With the vast majority of precincts statewide now counted, a clear picture emerged in last night's returns -- and the short version is, a lot of incumbents lost their jobs tonight. The state's Republican makeup saw a re-arrangment: three incumbents lost their seats, while two more failed to move from the house into the senate.
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