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The new Chert app consolidates characters from all 20 Alaska Native languages on an iPhone keyboard. (Image: Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage)

Kotzebue brothers make first app for all 20 Alaska Native languages

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For the first time ever, you can find all the characters for the 20 recognized Alaska Native languages in one place: a keyboard, downloaded right onto your iPhone. An app called Chert pulls in all the characters you need to spell out words in Yupik, Iñupiaq, Tlingit and more.
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Walrus ivory carvings and masks, like these on display at Maruskiya’s in Nome, may be threatened by other states’ bans on the sale, purchase, and trade of various types of ivory. (Photo by Emily Russell/KNOM)

Native artisans worry ivory bans in other states could reverberate in Alaska

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The federal government instituted a near-total ban on the domestic commercial trade of African elephant ivory, but many Alaskans are concerned the backlash from this ban is affecting other ivories. St. Lawrence Islander Susie Silook is the author of a petition to protect walrus ivory and other marine mammal by-products from various states’ legislation that would see it banned as a response to the federal ban.
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The Presbyterian Church's Curt Karns read an apology before hundreds gathered for the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in Fairbanks, Alaska. (Photo by Emily Schwing/Northwest News Network)

Presbyterian Church apologizes for role in forced assimilation of America’s indigenous population

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The Presbyterian Church officially apologized to indigenous people across the country during a gathering of Alaska Native people this weekend. For decades the church took part in the forced removal of children from their homes and families.
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