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North Pole Promise

North Pole Promise-  Tuesday at 8:00 pm  -  North Pole Promise is the story of two American explorers and their secret legacy left behind at the North Pole 100 years ago.  Admiral Robert E. Peary, and his associate Matthew Henson both fathered sons with Greenlandic Inuit (Eskimo) women during their attempts to reach the North Pole in [...]

The Town That Fish Built

-  Wednesday at 9:00 pm  - Since Peter Buschmann founded the community that bears his name a century ago, Petersburg has been purely and simply a fishing town. Buschmann’s cannery ventures collapsed during the robber baron era of frontier capitalism, but the town referred to as Alaska’s little Norway continues to thrive with an economy [...]

Keystone Center Dialogue on Pebble Mine

Keystone Center Dialogue on Pebble Mine-  May 6 and 7  -  On Monday and Tuesday 360 North will bring you LIVE coverage of the continuing  Keystone Center series of independent science panels evaluating the Pebble Mine environmental baseline studies. Live from the University of Alaska Anchorage, the science panels will focus on wetlands, vegetation, wildlife and threatened & endangered species.  [...]

Rollergirls Alaska – LIVE

Rollergirls Alaska – LIVE-  Saturday at 7:00 pm  -  Fiesta of Fury!  Raven Lunatics v.s Kilkats LIVE this Saturday at 7:00 pm on 360 North television and 360north.org.  The entire bout repeats at 10:00 pm so you can watch the match-up with your favorite rollergirl.

The Aviators

The AviatorsWatch the series that is designed for those who love airplanes, the sky or love to fly.

Alaska’s Marine Highway

Alaska’s Marine Highway- Sunday at 8:00 pm - Enjoy episode one of four documentaries created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Marine Highway.

Recent Earthquakes That Shook the World

-  Monday at 8:00  -  Science for Alaska hosts seismologist Natalie Ruppert from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.  Ruppert provides a look at the occurrence and effects of the 2010 earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and New Zealand, 2008 earthquake in China and 2011 earthquake in Japan. These earthquakes occurred in different socio-economic and tectonic settings. [...]

Manifest Destiny – A Three-Part Series

Manifest Destiny – A Three-Part Series-  Thursday at 10:00 pm  -  MANIFEST DESTINY, a documentary series produced by Lucasfilm, explores and critiques the ideas that have guided U.S. foreign policy for centuries. The programs address key foreign policy concerns using archival footage along with in-depth, insightful commentary and dramatic stories told by respected historians and diplomats. Part 1, “To Conquer [...]

College Track III – Premiere Tonight

-  Tonight at 8:00 pm  -  The PREMIERE of part three in the Alaska College Track series shows the challenges faced by rural Alaska Native students on their path toward graduation as they balance cultural obligations with work and school.   The half hour television documentary starts at 8:00 and will be followed at 8:30 by [...]

NEWSLINE – An Asian Perspective on the News

-  Weeknights at 6:30 p.m. - Watch this informative nightly newscast from NHK-Japan.  BBC World News precedes and follows Newsline each weeknight on 360 North.