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Stormy Weather – 2-11-15

Stormy Weather – 2-11-15

Katie B. celebrates Valentine’s Week with special guest artist Taylor Vidic and takes your requests and dedications on Facebook or in the studio at 586-1212, … more

Juneau Afternoon – 2-10-15

Juneau Afternoon – 2-10-15

Tuesday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Scott Burton hosts.

We’ll talk with violin virtuoso, Midori, performing tonight at 7:30 at the JDHS Auditorium;

Shona … more

40th Annual Alaska Folk Festival Highlights – 4 of 4

Alan Roberts; Sande Gillette; & Eric Anderson

Scott Burton & Andrew Heist

Double Rock Band

Ken Waldman & the Secret Visitors

Land Cole

Bonsoir Catin… more

40th Annual Alaska Folk Festival Highlights – 3 of 4

Swing Dogs

Will Putman & Trudy Heffernan

Megan Palmer

Bonsoir Catin

Just a Few of Ray’s Nieces

Michael Truax

Amy Lou

The River People

The … more

40th Annual Alaska Folk Festival Highlights – 2 of 4

Last Chance Jazz Band

And Friends


John Anderson

Bridget Claire Galvin

MacKenzie Merrill

James Pothier Burger

Todd Grebe & Cold Country

The Coldstring Drifters… more

40th Annual Alaska Folk Festival Highlights – 1 of 4


Miguel Rohrbacher


Bear Mountain Bluegrass Band

Hopkins Family Band

Carrie & Kim

Bonsoir Catin

Shelby Cook & Lynzey Culver

Destiny Hawley

Must Wear … more

Juneau Afternoon – 2-9-16

Juneau Afternoon – 2-9-16Monday at 3: Scott Burton hosts A Juneau Afternoon.

One Lutheran, One Jew, One Hour – 2-5-15

Join Pastor Sue Bahleda and Rabbi Dov Gartenberg for an hour of discussion and religion and faith.


 … more

Juneau Afternoon – 2-6-15

Juneau Afternoon – 2-6-15

Friday on A Juneau Afternoon,

We’ll get a preview of tonight’s  UAS Sound & Motion presentation with members of the Juneau-based expedition, A Trip South;… more

Juneau Afternoon – 2-5-15

Juneau Afternoon – 2-5-15

Today on a Juneau Afternoon,

Artist Susie Griffin will be here to highlight her first Friday show at Kaill’s;

We’ll talk with Finnish Artist Inari … more