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Juneau Afternoon – 1-30-15

Juneau Afternoon – 1-30-15

Friday on A Juneau Afternoon,

We’ll talk with Katie Bausler about the UAS Sound & Motion series;

Tara Malby will be here with details about … more

Juneau Afternoon – 1-29-15

Juneau Afternoon – 1-29-15

Today on a Juneau Afternoon,

We’ll talk with some of the cast of the Juneau-Douglas High School Drama Department about their new production, XANADU;

Forest … more

Telling Tales – 1-27-15

Tuesday’s show:

“Midnight Snack” by Diane Duane

–Another view of where “progress” goes oh so wrong.

“Jeremy and the Magic Lobster by Matthew Licht

–Just … more

Juneau Afternoon – 1-28-15

Juneau Afternoon – 1-28-15

Jamie Waste hosts.

We’ll find talk with Frank Rue about Saturday’s Southeast Alaska Land Trust Fundraiser, featuring Mark Kelly;

We’ll get the details about Saturday’s … more

Juneau Afternoon – 1-27-15

Juneau Afternoon – 1-27-15

Tuesday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Scott Burton hosts.

We’ll find out about Thursday’s Open House at the Juneau Cooperative Extension office;

Maia Wolf, … more

Juneau Afternoon – 1-26-15

Juneau Afternoon – 1-26-15

Monday at 3: Scott Burton hosts A Juneau Afternoon.

Lauren Anderson will be here to highlight activities at thee Treadwell Ice Arena;

We’ll talk with … more

Juneau Afternoon – 1-23-15

Friday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts.

We’ll talk with Ernestine Hayes about the Art of Life – Art of Place Series … more

Mudrooms – December Event

January’s Show

Iris Nash
And expert at leaving, she learned she was only running from herself.

KJ Metcalf
KJ finds himself in a series of … more

Juneau Afternoon – 1-22-15

Juneau Afternoon – 1-22-15

Today at 3 on a Juneau Afternoon, Shona Osterhout will host.

Nancy DeCherney will be here with Arts Up

That, Writer’s Almanac, Bird Note, music … more

Telling Tales – 1-20-15

Tuesday’s Show.



 … more

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