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Holiday Specials

Holiday SpecialsKTOO, KRNN and 360 North will have special programs to celebrate the holidays.

Lightfoot on Crosscurrents, 11/17

Lightfoot on Crosscurrents, 11/17The baritone singer who writes songs on his 12-string guitar, Gordon Lightfoot, was born on this date in 1938, attaining iconic status in Canadian folk-country music.

Sesame Street on Crosscurrents, 11/10

Sesame Street on Crosscurrents, 11/10Teaching a generation of children the alphabet and how to count along with receiving eight Grammys and 159 Emmys, “Sesame Street” premiered via public television on this date in 1969.

Car Talk – This Saturday at 3 p.m.

Car Talk – This Saturday at 3 p.m.On this week's Car Talk, Ray Magliozzi will honor his older brother with his own memories, and his favorite Tom moments from the show.

Laika dog on Crosscurrents, 11/3

Laika dog on Crosscurrents, 11/3A stray dog Laika from the streets of Moscow was the first animal to orbit Earth on this day in 1957.

Alaska ranks among least energy-efficient states

A state energy official says the survey may not be giving Alaska enough credit for the programs it has put in place in recent years.

T.Roosevelt on Crosscurrents, 10/27

T.Roosevelt on Crosscurrents, 10/27Gavin and Wyatt join Theodore outside his home in New York while John finds music inside the library at KRNN.

KTOO Record and CD sale

KTOO Record and CD saleCalling all hoarders, music lovers, and DVD collectors! KTOO announces its Fall Used Record, CD & Video Sale!

Miguel de Cervantes on Crosscurrents – 9/29

Miguel de Cervantes on Crosscurrents – 9/29Don Quixote, a satirical quest for chivalry, was a novel written by Miguel de Cervantes who was born on this date in 1547. Don Quixote, the brave knight and Sancho Panza, his loyal squire are joined by Gavin, the valiant canine and Wyatt, his devoted comrade as they tilt at windmills and bark at squirrels.

Prairie Home Companion ticket sales closed

Online ticket sales for the Prairie Home Companion Viewing Party are now closed.