On Day Of Funeral, Michael Brown’s Family Calls For Day Of Silence

After two weeks of sometimes violent protests, the family of Michael Brown will finally take some time to mourn.

In a funeral scheduled for 10 a.m. CT, the 18-year-old, who was unarmed when officer Darren Wilson shot and killed him Aug. 9, will be laid to rest.

As NPR’s David Schaper reports, during a rally at one of St. Louis’ biggest parks on Sunday, Michael Brown Sr. called for calm.

“Tomorrow, all I want is peace while my son is being laid to rest,” Brown said. “That’s all I ask.”

The Associated Press reports that the Rev. Al Sharpton also urged calm.

“We don’t want anything tomorrow to happen that might defile the name of Michael Brown,” Sharpton said. “This is not about our rage tomorrow. It’s about the legacy and memory of his son.”

Reporting from Ferguson, NPR’s Martin Kaste says the St. Louis suburb has calmed down quite a bit. The crowds have dwindled, and the rage that burned just a few days ago has turned.

Still, some protesters have vowed to continue to march until the government hears their voices.

We’ll update this post as the day progresses, so make sure to refresh the page for the latest.

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On Day Of Funeral, Michael Brown’s Family Calls For Day Of Silence

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