Woman, 56, dead after Lemon Creek fire

1913 Lemon Creek Road
1913 Lemon Creek Road
1913 Lemon Creek Road

Capital City Fire/Rescue and Juneau Police responded to a fire at 1913 Lemon Creek Road at about 5:47 p.m. Friday. (Photo by Matt Miller/KTOO)

Smoke, heat, and fire damage is visible at the front of the trailer at 1913 Lemon Creek Road. (Photo by Matt Miller/KTOO)

Rear portion of trailer at 1913 Lemon Creek Road. (Photo by Matt Miller/KTOO)

A Juneau woman died Friday evening after firefighters responded to a trailer fire on Lemon Creek Road.

Juneau Police Department officials announced the fatality during a short statement issued late Friday evening. They reported that the 56-year-old woman was found unresponsive in a bedroom and she was pronounced dead at Bartlett Regional Hospital. They say that the woman’s relatives were notified about her death, but they did not release her identity. Police say the cause of death and origin of the fire are under investigation.

According to the CBJ Assessor’s database, the single-wide trailer at 1913 Lemon Creek Road is owned by Doris Emanoff and was valued at nearly $23,000. Burnt insulation and other interior debris can be seen at the rear of the lot while a burnt interior and melted siding are visible at the front of the structure.

A young girl staying at the trailer was sent to a neighbor’s house when a domestic disturbance broke out between a woman and one of two males at the trailer before the fire, according to neighbors.

Neither the CBJ Fire Marshall’s office or Juneau Police Department officials responded to calls seeking more information on Saturday morning.

Follow up August 5, 2014 at 9:48 am

Juneau Police say they arrested a man for refusing to leave the scene of a fire on Lemon Creek Road on Friday.

George Swain, 59, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct about fifteen minutes after the fire was called in about 5:47 p.m. Friday. Swain allegedly was lawfully ordered by multiple officers to leave the property. Swain was transported to Lemon Creek Correctional Center just down the road. Bail was later set at $250. Officers believe that alcohol was a factor in his behavior.

A 56-year-old female victim was found by firefighters in the trailer at 1913 Lemon Creek Road. She was later pronounced deceased at the Bartlett Regional Hospital.

Fire Marshall Dan Jager said that they haven’t determined cause or the origin of the fire yet. He said nothing has been ruled out.

“There’s significant heat and smoke damage through the entire home,” Jager said. “But most of the fire damage was in the back half, back portion of it.”

Along with Juneau Police detectives, Jager said they’re still processing the scene and talking with neighbors and witnesses.

Jager says anyone with information, pictures, or video of the fire should call them at 586-0260.

Swain told Juneau District Court Judge Thomas Nave on Monday that he was part owner of the trailer and had insurance. He was appointed a public defender in his case.

In talking with reporters immediately after the court hearing, Swain claimed that he and the woman had been drinking that day. He claimed that he could not get into the back room where she was located because the door was either locked or partially blocked.

When asked if he started the fire, Swain said “Me? No. Doris started it.”

Swain said he didn’t know how she started it, but said she was a smoker. He also suggested that the woman was upset after sending a grandchild over to a neighbor’s house.

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