State senator violates legislative ethics rule

Lyman Hoffman

Lyman Hoffman

A legislative ethics panel has found Sen. Lyman Hoffman violated rules by “knowingly” filing incomplete financial disclosures.

The Senate Subcommittee of the Select Committee on Legislative Ethics found the Bethel Democrat failed to disclose income of between $311,000 and $690,000 for 2008 to 2010. Financial disclosures require income ranges.

The panel said Hoffman indicated he hadn’t compared his financial disclosure statements to his tax records to make sure all relevant information was included. He said he would make sure more detail is provided in the future.

The Alaska Public Offices Commission earlier fined Hoffman nearly $7,500 for the incomplete disclosures. The ethics panel said it was suspending any fine it may have imposed given Hoffman paid the APOC fine.

The panel also said it dismissed four other allegations against Hoffman.



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