Halloween Music at the State Office Building

T.J. Duffy

Organ history.

T.J. Duffy

Franklin Warren Butte plaque.

“Save the Organ” Committee plaque.





T.J. Duffy and Bonita Rohla

From left to right: A group of fans, T.J. Duffy, and listener/fan Bonita Rohla.

T.J. Duffy at concert’s end.

T.J. Duffy and the Kimball Theatre Organ.

Dancing children.

From the top floor.

A view from above.

The organ’s tambourine and triangle.

The concert was well attended.

A nice place to meet with friends or have lunch.

Pipes and reflections.

The “sub-woofers”.

Since 1928, Juneauites have enjoyed the reverberating sound of the historic Kimball Theatre Organ. After a handful of moves from its original home at the Coliseum Theatre on South Franklin Street, the organ now lives on the 8th floor of the State Office Building where it’s been since 1977. Thanks to a cadre of dedicated volunteers, the organ continues to entertain almost every Friday at noon. KTOO’s Scott Burton attended Friday’s concert with T.J. Duffy and brings us this Halloween–inspired audio postcard.