Woosh Kinaadeiyi Poetry Slam

Dee Jay Derego and Christy Namee Eriksen

Selma O’Niell-Houck

Daniel Kantak and W.S. Merk

Mackenzie Merrill

James and J.J. O’Niell-Houck

Miles Pitman and Miguel Rohrbacher

DJ Manu, a.k.a. Manuel Hernandez

Emily King

Anna-Ahha Hoffman

Nathan Block

Colin Kalk

Jacqueline Boucher

Krage Skaflestad

Penn Lamb


A Full House

October 18th Participants

John Unsicker and Ziggy

Photo by Eric May

Since 2010, Juneau poets have been taking the stage at open mics and poetry slams hosted by the Woosh Kinaadeiyi arts non-profit organization. Here’s an audio postcard from this year’s grand slam event on Friday, Oct. 18th. Among a multitude of volunteers and talented performers, we’ll hear voices from poets Ziggy, Jacqueline Boucher, Nathan Block, Woosh Kinaadeiyi president and co-founder Christy Namee Eriksen, and co-host Dee Jay Derego.

Open mics and poetry slams happen every third Friday at 6:30 p.m. Locations vary.