Former pro hockey player donates Olympic memorabilia to Treadwell

Former college standout and pro hockey player Steve MacSwain and colleague Eric Troisi visited Treadwell Ice Arena from the Anchorage area to hold a two-day hockey camp. MacSwain also donated a piece of Olympic memorabilia from the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” Gold Medal hockey team.

After completing day one of his two-day hockey clinic, Steve MacSwain talked about the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team’s photo and the 22-year journey to collect the signatures. MacSwain donated the photo to JDIA, which framed the photo for permanent display at Treadwell Ice Arena.

Steve MacSwain works closely with players like Ian Moller from the Juneau Douglas Ice Association during his two-day, weekend youth hockey camp.

Steve MacSwain kicks off his two-day youth hockey clinic at Treadwell Ice Arena by diagramming the first activity.

Steve MacSwain illustrates skating technique and how resistance from the trailing player can add to muscle development.

Gabe Miller weaves in and out of cones while advancing the puck during a drill at Treadwell Ice Arena.

Eric Troisi oversees a skating drill with Stein Dostal (white) and Mac Brna getting ready to skate.

Finn Shibler evades Gage Cooney during a puck possession drill at Steve MacSwain’s two-day hockey camp held at Treadwell Ice Arena.

Steve MacSwain demonstrates a passing and shooting drill he wants a group of hockey players to attempt themselves.

Ryan Liebelt leans into a turn while awaiting a pass from Steve MacSwain during a passing drill that concludes with the player taking a shot on net.

Shane Moller (white) and Grant Ainsworth mix it up in front of the net during a small-area drill led by Juneau’s Matt Boline.

Tezah Haddock unleashes a shot during a drill that required the player to collect a pass, skate toward the net and shoot.

(From left) Stein Dostal, Harris Monset, and Ian Moller participate in a drill to advance a foam divider as quickly as they can.

Eric Troisi challenges Harris Monset as part of a drill during Steve MacSwain’s two-day weekend hockey clinic at Treadwell Ice Arena.

JDIA President Arnold Liebelt thanks Steve MacSwain for his two-day camp and the donation of the U.S. Olympic team photo, who Liebelt eventually had framed for permanent display at Treadwell Ice Arena.

All photos by Steve Quinn.