Manner on Juneau hip hop

Local MC Tj Cramer, who goes by Manner, came to KXLL to help out with a news story on DJ Astronomar. Photo by Annie Bartholomew

When my boss asked me to produce a news story about DJ Astronomar my first thought was how am I gonna explain hip hop to the Morning Edition audience?

With our news listeners in mind, I asked  local expert TJ Cramer, better known as Manner,  to explain what hip hop is and help me out with the terminology of the trade. Manner helps organize the Word 2 the Wize hip hop battles around southeast Alaska and performs with Diatribe NW and his new group Get on Down with Your Bad Self that is a collective of members from as far as Seattle.

Look for Manner at the upcoming event Mask and Glove happening at Rockwell on July 6th.



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