Slideshow: Juneau’s hockey season

Todd Araujo (left) and Bill Hollbrook chase after the puck while coming round the net, along the boards.

Jason Seifert (left) chases down Michelle Kaelke in a Tier 40+ playoff game.

KC Odell (left) battles Caroline Schultz for the puck in the corner while a young fan watches.

Thomas McKenzie turns back a shot during a playoff contest that came down to an overtime shootout.

Val Martinez (left) pokes away the puck as Laine Durgin attempts to advance toward the net.

Jessie Kovach celebrates a goal in a playoff team her team eventually went on to win.

David Kovach (right) keeps his opponent Marc Heifetz away from the net while forcing him along the boards.

Thomas McKenzie turns back a shot during a playoff contest that came down to an overtime shootout.

Nikolay Barkov (left) and Mike Bovitz battle for the puck in a Tier A playoff contest.

Jason Soza turns back a shot, then prepares for a possible rebound shot.

Alec Venechuk lifts a backhand shot past a sprawling Jerry Nankervis in goal during a Tier A playoff contest.

Goalie Ken Arnoldt makes a glove save on a shot by Sarah Lowell.

Steve Baseden (left) and Shawn Eisle chase down a puck with Matt Mielke trailing the pair.

Nandi Than (left) and Renee Loree celebrate Loree'€™s first goal of the season during the playoff title game.

Karena Perry (right) attempts to left Amy Lloyd’s stick during a Tier W playoff game.

Caroline Schultz (left) and Wendy Smith battle for the puck along the boards during a Tier W playoff game.

Davin Savikko bounces off his opponent Mark Heifetz while teammate Mike Bovitz looks on.

Nandi Than (left) and Becca Parks go after a loose puck in a Tier W playoff game.

Val Martinez (left) Michelle Morris watch a puck fly just after the two take a simultaneous swipe at it.

Sean Howard (left) reaches for a puck as opponent Justin Dorn and goalie Brad Robbins look on.

The Treadwell Ice Arena closed out its 10th year on Sunday. And with that, so too closed out another season of Juneau Adult Hockey Association action. Competition starts in September and lasts until late April. This makes adult hockey one of Juneau’s longest running year-round amateur adult sports. Here is a collection of photos from games, many with championships at stake. All photos by Steve Quinn.