The Alaska Folk Festival also rocks, jazzes, belly dances — and barks

Tom Begich, Anchorage

Raining Cats and Dogs, Juneau

Raining Cats and Dogs guest dog, Juneau

Noodle of Doum, Juneau

Noodle of Doum, Juneau

Coyote and Toad, Skagway

Sammy Burrous, Juneau

Six Inch Tsunamis, Juneau

Six Inch Tsunamis drummer Clay Good

Il Buono Il Brutto Il Cattivo, Juneau

Chuck Hughes plays the the Chapman Stick, Layfayette, Co.

City of Juneau Pipe Band and Highland Dancers

Riley Woodford, MC, Juneau

Last Call Family Band

Arthur Cothary, Belfair, Wash.

Costa's Motor City Kitties go accoustic, Juneau

Costa's Motor City Kitties rock out, Juneau

Gene Tagaban - One Crazy Raven, Juneau

Miguel Rohrbacher, Douglas

Alan Roberts and Eric Anderson, Seattle

MC Grace Elliott, Juneau

2nd Crossing - Beth Kerttula, Jim Powell, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

A dog took the stage during this year’s Alaska Folk Festival. So did a drum-and-pipe band, a much-traveled singer-songwriter and some Middle-Eastern-style singers and dancers. We spoke with some of the performers at the 39th annual Juneau event, and assembled this audio post card.

You can watch and listen to more concerts through April 14 at You can also find more photos on the CoastAlaska News and Rain Country Radio Facebook pages.