Senate scheduled to take up Speaker’s gun bill

Senator John Coghill and Senator Fred Dyson at Friday's Senate Judiciary Committee meeting.

Senator John Coghill at Friday’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting. (Image courtesy Gavel Alaska)

The Senate Judiciary Committee is slated Wednesday to continue discussions on a gun control bill after striking one of its most controversial parts.

HB69, by House Speaker Mike Chenault, would make any future federal laws that ban assault weapons or require gun owners to register their weapons unenforceable in Alaska.

The committee removed bill’s most divisive part on Friday; a section which would have made it a felony for federal officers to enforce certain gun regulations in the state of Alaska.

The committee’s chairman, Sen. John Coghill, said he supported the idea of standing up to the federal government when it violates the Constitution. But the North Pole Republican says he couldn’t see how the state would actually “pull off” charging federal officers with felonies for enforcing federal laws.



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