State challenge on hold pending high court review

The U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court (Photo by S.E.B/Flickr Creative Commons)

Alaska’s challenge to provisions of the federal Voting Rights Act is on hold pending the outcome of a U.S. Supreme Court case.

The nation’s highest court heard arguments Wednesday over whether there is an ongoing need for states with a history of discrimination to get Justice Department approval for redistricting plans or proposed election changes. The case was brought by Shelby County, Ala., but has implications for a number of states, including Alaska.

Alaska sued last year, arguing the approval requirement is unwarranted and that no evidence exists to indicate Alaska should be considered among other states or jurisdictions “where voting discrimination has been most flagrant.”

The state filed a brief in support of the plaintiffs. The Alaska Federation of Natives filed a brief in support of the federal government.




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