University wants to land big jet at airfield

FedEx MD-11 airborne out of ANC

FedEx MD-11 airborne out of ANC (Flickr Creative Commons image by Frank Kovalchek)

The University of Alaska Anchorage is seeking permission to land a big jet at the airfield in Anchorage.

The university wants to use a Boeing 727 donated by cargo giant FedEx in its aviation technology program. A university official says it is a one-time request. Once the 100,000-pound jet lands at the airfield it will be towed to a UAA ramp at the city-owned airport.

The Anchorage campus’ aviation technology department is based at Merrill Field.

The Anchorage Assembly will have to approve the landing of the big plane at the field with a 12,500-pound landing restriction.

FedEx has also agreed to give a second Boeing 727 to the University of Alaska Fairbanks. That plane is expected to be delivered on Feb 28.