Minn. man on 3rd try to climb Mt. McKinley solo

Denali after sunset.

Denali after sunset. Mount McKinley or Denali (Athabaskan for “The Great One”) in Alaska is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of approximately 20,320 feet. (Photo by Cecil Sanders/Flickr Creative Commons)

Minnesota climber Lonnie Dupre is making his third attempt to become the first person to climb Alaska’s Mount McKinley solo in January.

Dupre is in position to climb to the last camp before the summit of North America’s highest mountain.

The Grand Marais adventurer reached 14,200 feet on Tuesday. It took two days for him to move from his 11,200-foot camp.

The Duluth News Tribune reports Dupre plans to rest Wednesday. Weather permitting, he plans to move supplies to 16,200 feet Thursday and return to 14,200 feet to sleep.

Dupre hopes to move to high camp at 17,200 feet on Friday.

Severe weather thwarted Dupre’s attempts to reach the summit in 2011 and 2012.