Good Samaritan vessel aids wooden-hull troller

Two Wrangell mariners are safe with the help of a Good Samaritan vessel.

The Coast Guard says the wooden-hull troller Carrie Arlene sent out a distress report at about 8 p.m. Wednesday saying it had lost steering and power and was taking on water near Snow Passage west of Zarembo Island.

Crew members put on survival suits in case they needed to abandon ship.

The Coast Guard and Wrangell Search and Rescue tried to reach the vessel but were turned back by foul weather.

Instead, another vessel, the Arik, reached the stricken vessel.

The 65-foot Arik, towed the 36-foot Carrie Arlene to a cove on the north side of Bushy Island.

Carrie Arlene crewmen were able to restore electrical functions and pump out water.



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