Coast Guard says crews working at grounding site

Ukolnoi Island

The Coast Guard says responders have returned to the site where a tug and barge ran aground.

Petty Officer 1st Class David Mosley says crews working Wednesday are building upon an earlier assessment of the tugboat Polar Wind and the barge that went aground Nov. 13 on uninhabited Ukolnoi Island, 40 miles from Alaska’s Cold Bay.

An aerial survey Friday showed a fuel sheen and crews deployed containment boom to minimize environmental impact. Mosley says an aerial survey Tuesday showed no signs of pollution or impact to wildlife.

The site of the grounding is within designated critical habitat for Stellar sea lions and sea otters.

The tug is reportedly carrying 20,500 gallons of diesel fuel, and the barge 1,800 gallons of diesel and about 1.5 million pounds of frozen seafood.



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