Anchorage bakery closes in Hostess shutdown


Following last week’s announcement of Hostess’s bankruptcy and pending closure, many people have taken to Ebay to buy and sell boxes of the infamous treat. (Flickr Creative Commons image by Christian Cable.)

An Anchorage bakery has shut its doors as part of Hostess Brands national shutdown.

The Anchorage Daily News reports 90 people have lost their jobs because of the Sunrise Bakery shutdown on Friday.

The closure leaves Alaska without a large-scale, wholesale baker.

The bakery’s financially troubled parent company, Hostess Brands, known for Wonder Bread and Twinkies, announced it was shutting down operation. Hostess is putting its assets, including the Anchorage bakery, up for sale immediately.

A corporate spokeswoman based in Los Angeles says the death blow for Hostess was a labor dispute not involving the Alaska operation.




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