Elections shake-up membership of AK Legislature

Tuesday’s elections helped shake up Alaska’s Legislature.

At least one-fourth of the Senate’s membership will be new, and the 40-member House can expect at least nine new members. That number does not include Rep. Shelley Hughes, who was appointed after the death of Palmer Rep. Carl Gatto in April and ran unopposed Tuesday.

Among those joining the 20-member Senate will be two state representatives, Democrat Berta Gardner and Republican Anna Fairclough, and a former labor commissioner, Click Bishop.

On the House side, former state Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux will return, this time to an Anchorage district. She previously served Kodiak.

Three races that could add to the number of new faces in the House were too close to call Wednesday, including District 5 in the Fairbanks area, which featured no incumbents.



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