Juneau Afternoon 9/14/12

By September 13, 2012A Juneau Afternoon
Today at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts.

He’ll talk with organizers of this weekend’s Mountain Music Festival, and John Lilly, featured performer;

We’ll get a preview of tonight’s Evening at Egan presentation by Ross Coen;

We’ll meet with Laura Hawood, Juneau Lyric Opera’s Executive Director and Christy Ciambor, who’s produced tomorrow night’s Who’s Your Diva? event;

Andy Kline will drop by to tell us about Saturday’s ROCK THE VOTE dance;

And Jean Claude Hot Damn will tell us about Derby, Baby!, Friday’s Roller Girls film presentation at Rockwell

That, Writers’ Almanac, music and more, today at 3,

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