RCA order dismisses J3P claims

Electric bills that go out today (Tuesday) will reflect another rate increase.

As KTOO has reported, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska late Friday approved Alaska Electric Light and Power’s petition for a permanent 24 percent rate hike. It turns out to be 22 percent on the average electric bill.

Most of that is already in place, since the RCA allowed the company to increase rates 18.5 percent in July 2010.

A-E-L & P spokesman Scott Willis says residential customers will pay about $2 to $3 more a month for electricity.

“As of last week we were paying 9 point 5 cents a kilowatt hour then on Tuesday that will go up to 9 point 8 cents a kilowatt hour and on the first of November it goes up to 11 point 94, that’s the seasonal jump,” Willis says. “Next June it goes back down to 9-point 8 (cents).”

The order has been 16 months in the making.  This report highlights some of the commission’s findings.

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